When Industry Meets Research

When Industry Meets Research

startAD hosted a panel discussion with Giant, an innovation consulting firm based in New York, about how industry corporates and researchers can work together to bring innovation to cutting edge markets. We recorded the entire panel for you and broke it down by each question in our blog. If you want to watch the whole thing, Click Here to jump to YouTube.

How do corporations understand their ecosystems? How do they go about doing that? How do they know what’s out there?

Julia: 8:39

Raymond: 9:56

Ramesh: 11:30

How do you make sure you’re on the radar of the large organizations? How do you make sure that you’re known?


Julia: 15:24

Raymond: 16:12

In the startup world, we used to call that finding your champion. Ramesh or Julia or Ray, how do you do it? I mean, how do you find those right people there? What do you have to do?

Ramesh: 23:20

Julia: 26:24

Raymond: 29:00

Right, how do I protect myself how do I make sure I’m protected will patents work right I don’t know if you’ve ever had a meeting with patent attorney but penetrator. Often tell you they can get around patents, when you meet with them, which isn’t very reassuring because of a good patent attorney can get around a patent and what do you need a patent attorney for. So the question I asked for you is protection. Talk to me about that what should people be thinking what should they be doing.

Julia: 32:49

Ramesh: 36:50

Raymond: 39:34

How and where do you contact angel investors?

Julia: 46:29

Ramesh: 46:56

Joshua: 48:55

What is the best way to reach out for startup funding?

Ramesh: 51:02

Raymond: 52:45

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