Making a Better Business Case for ESG

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Making a Better Business Case for ESG

Author is an NYU Professor- "Without clearer insight into the financial benefits of corporate sustainability efforts, they may never be scaled up in the face of climate change, COVID-19, inequality, and many other perceived or real challenges to a company's bottom line."

Harvard Business review

The Investor Revolution

Survey results from a survey of senior execs at US financial firms. ESG and Sustainability are almost unanimously top of their agenda. The article digs deeper into the causes as well. Good overview of the ESG+Impact Landscape.

Harvard Business review

Why it’s time to finally worry about ESG

Robert Eccles, a visiting professor of management practice at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, says that the global investment community’s interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has finally reached a tipping point.

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Where ESG Fails

ESG is not enough, many social-impact driven ventures do not comply with quality ESG. What investors are missing is that these ESG standards need to be EMBEDDED in the business model of companies "The reason is that these criteria have been developed without regard to the causal link between a company’s social impact and its bottom line". This has stopped

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Audrey Choi: How to make a profit while making a difference

Audrey Choi is the Chief Marketing Officer and Shicef Sustainability Officer or Morgan Stanley. This powerful talk by one of the leading figures of ESG and impact investing reflects on the power of individuals, consumers and investors, to turn the financial market into the platform for social change that is needed in the world.