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Making ideas tangible – whoever and wherever they generate from

Anyone can build a smart digital system. Don’t believe us? Let us welcome you to Al Warsha – an avenue that is breaking down barriers to innovation, entrepreneurship & creativity.

Al Warsha brings you open source hardware and digital systems to ensure that you can make your idea or vision a reality irrespective of whether you are a corporate leader, a student, a tech geek, or someone who has never touched a digital device. Offered free of charge to the community, participants benefit from expertise, skills, mechanical and electronic tools, instruments and systems, and a network of innovators gearing to make a change.

A space for creativity and innovation, Al Warsha supports building hardware startups and local technology projects. It is also a vital resource for the UAE tech community to rapidly prototype concepts, gain access to relevant mentors (designers, engineers, manufacturing), and receive guidance on how to further develop a product.

As a first step, we are reopening our prototyping workshops! We have an exciting curriculum developed for you to experience using 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Microcontrollers, and Circuitry. Much more awaits, keep watching this space.

Anyone interested in learning more about hardware prototyping, no previous experience needed!

Who should participate?

  • Anyone interested to learn to build digital systems.
  • We are gender, age and education neutral.
  • No technical experience or background is required.
  • Curiosity towards making things is strongly encouraged.

Why participate?

  • Learn more about the fundementals of prototyping using the latest equipment and software
  • Gain fast, flexible, and effective work skills
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively with like-minded people from the UAE ecosystem
  • Practice creativity and innovation in a very fun environment
  • Build your network of enthusiasts

Learn more about the fundementals of prototyping using the latest equipment and software

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