Emirati Women Achievers 2022

Inspiring Reality,
Sustainable Future

Meet our visionary Emirati women.

Emirati Women Achievers Commemorative Book

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the ‘Mother of the Nation,’ is exemplified by modesty, magnanimity, and an unwavering determination to further boundless avenues for Emirati Women. 

Each year on the 28th of August, the UAE Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day, and this year, the theme is “Inspiring Reality, Sustainable Future.”

The startAD Emirati Women Achievers Campaign exemplifies the strides this nation has made in gender inclusion and empowerment. It shines a light on 51 remarkable Emirati women who are building an illustrious future and enhancing the sustainability of our environment, society, and economy.

The selected Emirati women will be honored with a commemorative book profiling their personal journeys and experience titled Emirati Women Achievers: Shaping a Sustainable Future Through Inspirational Women.

Read their stories. Witness their ambition.

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What’s Next?

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We invite you to nominate yourself or a deserving innovator to be showcased in the Emirati Women Achievers Campaign 2023.


The UAE government’s huge support for women has not only given me a platform to create practical business solutions in the real world, but it also inspires me to be the voice of women in technology.

Salwa Al Zahmi, CEO and founder of the tech start-up SPL Co. Ltd; Head of the Emirates ICT Innovation Center’s Software Modernization Quality Project.,

What encouraged me to pursue education as a specialty is the continuous development that the UAE is undergoing, reinforced by the UAE Vision 2071, which aims for educational sector institutions to become an incubator for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dr. Aishah Al-Yammahi, Academic Board Advisor at Alef Education,

The UAE has established itself as a pioneer for development in the Arab world. I am optimistic and confident that further progress and growth await us at local, regional, and global levels. I dream that the UAE will reach the highest levels of gender equality in the economic and social fields.

Mona Al-Hashemi, Incubator Chief at the Authority of Social Contribution, Ma’an,

The U.S. Mission to the UAE is proud to partner with startAD to celebrate Emirati women achievers who are advancing the UAE’s agenda for women's empowerment.

Daleya Uddin, Head of Public Affairs and Outreach at the U.S. Consulate General Dubai,

With innovation being a central pillar of the UAE’s plans to build a highly competitive economy, women can lead the way. And at startAD we work with, support, nurture, collaborate, and get inspired by these exemplary women every day, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to honor and celebrate them.

Nihal Shaikh, Assistant Director of Communications at startAD,

Emirati women across all sectors are helping to chart the UAE’s path of progress. Today, they are teachers, diplomats, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and astronauts. These remarkable Emiratis are an inspiration to us all.

Rima Mokarrab, Chair of Tamkeen & Trustee of NYU,

I would like to extend to you the gratitude and appreciation of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak for this admirable celebration of the Emirati Women's Day. The Mother of the Nation, H.H. Sheikha Fatima, has been a true inspiration for all of us, and we are very humbled by the great honor and responsibility that has been given to us to continue her legacy to build a prosperous future for our nation and humanity.

H.E. Dr. Maitha Salem Al Shamsi,